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RMI Product List

Carbon Steel Pipe

RMI has access to one of the largest pipe and tubular inventories in North America. Our carbon steel pipe is available in a wide range of sizes.

Carbon Steel Fittings & Flanges

RMI carbon steel fittings and flanges are provided from world-class manufacturers offering a strong, long-lasting solution.


RMI work with the leading valve manufacturers in the industry to ensure the highest level of quality and service.

Valve Automation

RMI will contact the premier valve automation lines in the industry

Stainless & Alloy Pipe

RMI can call upon some of the world’s largest pipe inventories and offers the customers the most versatile selections of industrial pipe for corrosive environments.

Stainless & Alloy Fittings & Flanges

RMI can get a hold of stocks a versatile selection of stainless and alloy fittings and flanges for corrosive or high temperature applications.

Gas Products

RMI inventories include products that meet the highest performance and quality specifications, ranging from pipe, meters and valves to couplings, fittings, cathodic protection and more.

Specialty Products

RMI has steam traps, strainers, thermoplastic lined piping products, as well as many other specialty products.

Oilfield Products & Drill Pipe

RMI provides a full range of oilfield products to operators and production crews for well completion to the gathering system. We buy and sale drill pipe along with offering custom and standard drill bits

Supplies & Safety

RMI has an extensive inventory of general industrial products from first class suppliers.